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Unlike other franchises, CleanNet USA® provides you with customers. We want you to succeed! Once training is successfully completed, we will provide you with actual contracts, state-of-the-art equipment and initial cleaning supplies. After you have worked a few contracts and want to grow your business to another level, your CleanNet USA® regional office will show you how. Here are a few ways we help you grow:

Your enthusiasm and word-of-mouth about your high-quality work will help you get additional contracts on your own. But if marketing is not your strength, that’s okay, too. CleanNet USA’s experienced marketing team is behind you. The same trained sales team that secures new contracts for you initially can also continue to provide more new business as you grow.

Learn to sell. Your CleanNet USA® business office has an established training program that will help you sell your commercial cleaning service—even if you’re not a “sales” type. We will:

· Show you how to write and present a proposal

· Give you full-color marketing brochures, “thank you” cards and prewritten letters

· Help you price specific cleaning services with clear, easy-to-read charts and graphs

· Provide you with an excellent set of references to help you close the contract

Referrals are golden. Our most successful franchise owners have proven that word-of-mouth advertising is the best. Do a great job and develop a good relationship with your customers and watch high praise of your work translate into new contracts.

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