Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing

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When you own a CleanNet USA® commercial cleaning franchise, CleanNet USA® can provide you with franchise financing options. We want to accommodate your needs, goals and investment objectives.

Each CleanNet USA® franchise agreement includes:

  • Commercial Cleaning Contracts
  • New Cleaning Equipment
  • Chemicals

The contracts, provided by CleanNet USA®, will serve as a base from which you can grow and expand.

A down payment is required and will vary depending upon the package you select. As a benefit to you, CleanNet USA® can provide financing at very competitive rates for the balance of your commercial cleaning franchise purchase.

CleanNet USA® is looking for competent, potential business owners who have a desire to be their own boss and are willing to work hard. If you are a cautious investor who has been looking for an affordable business investment with a guarantee of client contracts, CleanNet USA® is a viable option and may prove to be a wonderful opportunity.

Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

To learn which type of franchise opportunity may be the right fit for you, please visit our franchise opportunity page.

If you are looking to own a small or part-time business, fill out a unit franchise opportunity form today or read more information here.

If you are looking to own a territory, fill out a master franchise opportunity form today or read more information here.

Contact CleanNet USA® to learn more about franchising opportunities in the janitorial services industry—or about our franchise financing.

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