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The growing commercial cleaning industry continues to be an incredibly rewarding opportunity for today’s entrepreneur. Commercial cleaning remains one of the most stable investments for future growth, with more than $110 billion billed annually. Now is the time to put yourself in the center of this rewarding industry and realize the opportunities for owning your own business.

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We Are Here to Help Your Business Grow

Your New Business Already Has Customers!

Unlike other franchises, CleanNet USA® provides you with customers right from the beginning. That’s because we want you to start off on the path to success. Once training is completed, we begin the process of providing you with cleaning contracts. After you have worked a few contracts, CleanNet USA® will show you how to grow your business to another level.

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Growing Your Business

One of the major rewards of owning you own business is that your potential is unlimited. Depending on the level of your interest, your commercial cleaning franchise can grow as large as you want. Here are a few ways we help you grow:

Referrals are Golden

Our most successful franchise owners have proven that word-of-mouth advertising is the best. Doing a great job and developing good relationships with your customers will mean new contracts and greater success.

Learn to Sell

Your CleanNet USA® business office has an established training program that will train you in various selling techniques and include instruction on how to write and present a proposal. A full-color marketing brochure, “Thank You” cards, and prewritten letters are all designed to sell the service long after you leave a prospect’s office. Easy-to-read charts and graphs are available to help you price specific cleaning services, and we’ll provide you with an excellent set of references to help you close the contract.

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Take Advantage of CleanNet USA’s Marketing Department

We hope you will obtain additional contracts on your own through referrals and personal initiative. But if marketing is not your strength, that’s okay, too, because CleanNet USA’s experienced marketing team is behind you. The same trained sales team that secures new contracts for you initially can also continue to provide more new business as you grow.

If you are looking to own a small or part time business, fill out a unit franchise opportunity interest form today or call us at 800.735.8838 so we can connect you to the right opportunity.

Extended Support and Benefits Help You Reach Your Goals

You Are Covered – Insurance and Bonding

It is no small matter that you are entrusted with the great responsibility of having access to every room in a major office building. Your new business requires you to be insured for potential damage or accident. This is for your own protection, as well as that of your employees and the clients you serve.

We offer our franchise owners the opportunity to participate in CleanNet USA’s comprehensive general liability and bond insurance program at dramatic savings over what these policies would traditionally cost an individual business. We can also assist in obtaining workers’ compensation insurance to meet state statutes, or you can purchase insurance from an insurer of your choice that matches our requirements.

Automated Invoicing Services Means Regular Paydays

As a CleanNet USA® franchise owner, you receive office services that provide reliable cash flow to your business. Our automated computer billing system invoices your customers on your behalf for services rendered. This occurs on a monthly basis and takes care of all the necessary paper work to ensure that you receive prompt and timely payments.

Telephone Message Center Keeps Customers Secure and You Successful

CleanNet USA® provides you with a hassle-free way of maintaining customer service through a centralized telephone message center. The message center allows you to be more efficient and responsive to customer needs. It also allows your clients to feel secure in knowing that CleanNet USA® is always there for them. No matter how busy your schedule might be, the office will make sure all of your calls are professionally answered and the messages are forwarded to you.

Group Discounts on Cleaning Supplies

Purchasing cleaning supplies through CleanNet USA® gives you discounts far below retail cost. As you grow, a purchasing account will be established to track cost of supplies and ensure that you always have the resources and equipment you need.

Starting Your Business Has Never Been Easier

We want to accommodate your needs, goals and investment objectives. Each CleanNet USA® opportunity includes commercial cleaning contracts, training and support as part of your franchise agreement. In addition an equipment program is available. These contracts, which are provided by CleanNet USA®, serve as a base from which you can grow, expand, and prosper beyond your current dreams.

Depending on the investment program you choose and how much time you plan to devote to your new business, you can expect gross revenues to range from $500 to more than $50,000 per month. You can start small now and grow big later.

A down payment is required and will vary depending upon the package you select. CleanNet USA® can provide financing at very competitive rates for the balance of your franchise purchase.

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Own your own business. Be your own boss with a CleanNet USA® Franchise.

If you are looking to own a small or part time business, fill out a unit franchise opportunity interest form today or call us at 800.735.8838 so we can connect you to the right opportunity.

We’ll connect you with your CleanNet USA® representative, who will provide more information about the exciting opportunities that await you.

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