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The Million-Dollar Opportunity

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Are you interested in owning a recession-proof business, with an exclusive territory in a phenomenally fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry? Would you like to leverage your business skills with a nationwide company to establish a solid and fast-growing enterprise? Have you dreamed about running your own business that will provide on-going royalties and a system that has clearly proven to be a winner?

If you answered “YES,” you may very well be our kind of owner. It takes a really special person to be awarded a CleanNet USA® master franchise, because we consider franchisees as essential to the success of the organization.

We are CleanNet USA®—one of the fastest growing, most successful commercial cleaning franchise companies in the country, and we have developed a one-of-a-kind master franchise program that offers you the rewards and freedom you really want.

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Opening a Janitorial Franchise from CleanNet USA®

We’re There Every Step of the Way

As a CleanNet USA® master franchise owner, you will receive the most extensive support available to launch your business successfully:

  • The license to use the CleanNet USA® trademark and franchise system
  • The exclusive right to sell franchises in a specific Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
  • Comprehensive training in marketing, franchise contract negotiations, sales, cleaning techniques, equipment usage, quality control, customer relations, waste removal, recycling, emergency service and accounting
  • Use of proprietary computer software and management systems
  • On-going consultation and industry updates
  • Continuous support in marketing, advertising and operations

With the direct help and supervision of the corporate office, you as a master franchise owner will re-create a “duplicate” of CleanNet USA’s founding office, which serves the Washington, DC and the Baltimore MSA. This knowledge will enable you to perform all critical staff and business functions to professionally and profitably run your business. CleanNet USA® has had excellent success with this approach in markets throughout the United States.

Learning the Tools of the Trade

To help you manage your return on investment (ROI), CleanNet USA® has developed superior cleaning systems and techniques. However, what sets us apart from our competitors is our use of technology to better service customers, improve quality, and help you manage your business. This means we provide a comprehensive program, which includes franchise and contract sales with automated scheduling and fully integrated business software. This proven program helps you manage your new business as efficiently as possible.

We continue to invest in technologies that improve the management and operation of your business. This allows you the freedom to focus on customers and improve the quality of your service, resulting in enhanced profits, increased dividends and on-going customer loyalty.

As a master franchise owner, you can direct your efforts on growing your business, with complete faith that CleanNet USA® is providing the latest tools, technology and support.

Establishing Positive Cash Flow Quickly

The CleanNet USA® system is unique because each local franchisee is responsible for carrying his/her expenses and payroll during the billing cycle. As a master franchise owner, you bill and collect from all your clients and only then pay the franchisee. Therefore, you are assured of receiving royalties and fees first. Your cash expenditures are minimized and your cash flow maximized.

At CleanNet USA®, we have developed a one-of-a-kind master cleaning franchise program that offers you the financial rewards and freedom you really want.

Are you looking to own a territory?
Fill out a master franchise opportunity form today

Ownership Has Its Rewards

Fees from Your Franchisees

As a CleanNet USA® master franchise owner, you have significant opportunities for revenues from numerous profit centers. You also profit in many other direct ways from your franchisees:

  • One-time fees ranging from $3,000 to $50,000 for each franchisee signed
  • Upgrading existing franchisees
  • Combined royalty and management fees ranging from 13 to 15 percent on all revenues
  • Fees of 9 to 10 percent for the total amount of the local franchise investment financed
  • Additional profits for assistance in providing various items to franchisees, like chemicals and equipment

CleanNet USA® also offers a program for obtaining insurance and bonding for franchise owners.

Your Role and the Keys to Success

Your Responsibilities to Your Franchisees

We will teach you, in your role as a master franchise owner, how to provide the following localized support to the franchisees you sell in your area:

  • Training in product and equipment usage
  • The latest cleaning techniques and methods
  • Education and training in quality control, customer relations and sales for franchise growth
  • Training in safety techniques
  • Customer cleaning contracts
  • Payment guarantees for franchisees
  • Assistance in obtaining insurance and bonding
  • Hiring and training of personnel
  • Purchasing and leasing of various supplies and equipment

Providing Direct Support to Your Clients

We will teach you how to provide oversight support to all clients of your franchisees through the use of our proprietary software system. This includes providing regular quality control inspections, meeting with building and maintenance managers, soliciting value added service, and ensuring overall quality and customer relations.

We’ll Get You Up and Running

Franchise Pricing: Fees for purchasing a CleanNet USA® Master Franchise depend on specific market population data and building demographics.

Working Capital: CleanNet USA® requires that the master franchise owner have a modest amount of working capital to cover operational overhead, which is dependent on available markets.

Financing: Selective financing is available directly from CleanNet USA® for a portion of the Master Franchise fee.

Term: Master Franchise agreements have an initial term of 10 years.

Royalties: The master franchise owner will pay a royalty to CleanNet USA®, ranging from 4 to 5 percent of revenue, depending on the local royalty percentage established. As a national and local advertising campaign is launched, a fee of approximately 0.5 to 1 percent of gross revenues will be assigned.

Starting Your Commercial Cleaning Business Has Never Been Easier

As a CleanNet USA® Master Franchise Owner, you will benefit directly from our highly trained staff, proprietary software, superb quality control, customer relations system, and unique operating philosophy. These differences have set us apart as the new standard for commercial cleaning. Simply said, our record shows that we execute better. The CleanNet USA® nationwide franchise network is rapidly becoming the next great force in the commercial cleaning and commercial janitorial services industry.

The prospective master franchisee should have a business background with sales and business operations experience.

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