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Unit Franchise Testimonials

I started with a part-time CleanNet USA® business while John was working at a bank. I didn’t know anything about cleaning offices until I had the training. Now, John has left his job, and we’ve expanded our franchise into a full-time operation. What a difference it is to have our own business.

- CleanNet Business Owner, Chicago, IL

CleanNet® provides training, actual contracts, and support to start and grow your business.

- CleanNet Business Owner, San Jose, CA

CleanNet USA® has shown us how to clean professionally, hire staff, and grow our family business into a full-time enterprise. It has been very rewarding.

- CleanNet Business Owner, Miami, FL

I started with a part-time CleanNet USA® business while my husband was working. Now, after just two years, we are a full-time cleaning operation and the future looks great.

- CleanNet Business Owner, Phoenix, AZ

I had been looking for a reasonable franchise opportunity on and off for years. When I first heard about CleanNet USA®, I couldn’t believe they also provided customers! I figured, how could I go wrong? That was five years ago, and my business is going great.

- CleanNet Business Owner, Atlanta, GA

We worked together in a supermarket and didn’t want to spend the rest of our lives in the check-out line. That’s why we bought a CleanNet USA® franchise.

- CleanNet Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA

CleanNet USA® helped us fully understand all that is involved with cleaning an office building. I’m really proud of the work we do, and I’m very happy that our clients praise us and recommend us to other building managers. Buying the CleanNet USA® franchise was the best thing we’ve ever done.

- CleanNet Business Owners, Dallas, TX

Office cleaning, once learned, is easily maintained. With careful training and state-of-the-art techniques, we can guide franchisees through their start-up period.

- Franchise Sales Director, Columbia, MD

Master Franchise Testimonials

We achieved our ultimate dream house, and I wanted to thank CleanNet USA® for helping us make it all possible. We are grateful for the opportunity and the support they continue to provide.

- CleanNet Master Operator

The level of service, on-going support, and personal commitment CleanNet USA® has given us over the years has made it possible for us to succeed beyond our expectations. They continue to answer our questions and deal appropriately with the countless issues of running our business.

- CleanNet Master Operator
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