Six Steps for Going Green

Six Steps for Going Green

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Businesses can take easy steps to reduce their carbon footprint and start down a green path.Here are six simple things that a company can do:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can manage waste that can be recycled, like paper, plastic, and cans. Be sure to shred and recycle proprietary papers.

Install a Water Purifier

By reducing your employees’ dependence on bottled water, you can reduce plastic waste while providing a healthy alternative to sugar drinks. You can also encourage your employees to use their own mugs and cups in the break room.

Motion Sensor Lights

Installing light switches that rely on motion sensors will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save money for your utilities over time. Alternately, encourage employees to turn off all lights when the lights are not in use.


Helping your employees organize a car sharing program can significantly reduce their travel pollution.

Green Computing

Shutdown and power off computers that will be idle for more than an hour. Coupled with the use of surge protection power strips, this will reduce electricity use and eliminate the phantom power drain.

Green Printing

  • Print and copy double-sided for non-sales activities
  • Print power point presentations with multiple slides per page
  • Print first drafts in a low-resolution mode to reduce toner waste, potentially by 50 percent
  • Before recycling one-sided use paper, consider reusing the other side for scratch paper

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