National Accounts

Since our founding in 1987, CleanNet USA® has established itself as the ideal commercial cleaning solution for national accounts. With time-tested service delivery processes, CleanNet has consistently set a high bar for cleaning standards.

We Serve You with Organized, Dedicated Staff

Each National Account has a dedicated Account Manager who oversees all operations. Quality Consultants inspect each site on a regular basis. If you operate on multiple sites, you will receive the same quality service at all locations. CleanNet utilizes common training across the entire network, which ensures common cleaning protocols, and cleaning performance. This includes training that is customized to your specific needs and unique facility requirements.

Continuous Quality Monitoring, using CleanNet’s QA Mobile App

Performance monitoring and reporting tools and processes ensure ongoing high-quality commercial cleaning service. CleanNet utilizes its smart phone app to record and upload regular Quality Statuses regarding your facilities. You’re able to access these reports online, 24/7.

Constant Contact

We are always available, in person. All National Accounts receive 24/7 access to our Customer Service Help Desk and to a customized portal where work orders can be entered and tracked, inspection reports will be posted, and communications can be entered for daily interaction.  Our customer service portal allows for complete transparency with easy to read graphic reports.

Leading Edge Technology

Our leading edge technology affords you access to a complete picture of all of your CleanNet serviced properties, which facilitates the work of your property managers. With our online tools, you can run graphic reports based on a date range to see patterns in the service we provide. Your insight into our quality delivery is a click away on your custom Service Dashboard.

Your facility managers will be able to track all of their work orders via the same portal, following the details to resolution of each case.

CleanNet Management Actively Follows the Action

By automatically identifying hotspots, CleanNet focuses laser solutions on your facility and the quality of service that we deliver to you.

Simplified Billing

For your convenience, CleanNet offers several different billing methods to suit your needs. CleanNet can do consolidated billing and direct billing, or we can use your preferred method, like Ariba, Corrigo or Invoice Works.

Green Solutions

Something that sets CleanNet apart from other companies is our Clean Green® program. These green alternatives are an investment in your and the planet’s bottom line. The Clean Green® program focuses on bio-based cleaners that are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. They contain no ozone depleting chemicals and do not appear on any federal list of hazardous chemicals. CleanNet certified franchisees and subcontractors use products that are Green Seal Certified – products such as paper towels, bath and facial tissue have 100% recycled content. It’s all good for your customers’ and employees’ health and well-being.

There are more benefits with going with a national company-

Cost Savings

CleanNet is continuously innovating to ensure that our service is as efficient and effective as possible. We reduce costs to you by improving efficiency through our economies of scale and assignment of the right operator to suit your specific facility needs.

Guaranteed Results

CleanNet delivers quality services using proven methodologies that will meet or exceed your corporate requirements. Inspection and documentation are critical to success, and we wrap detailed methods around inspections to ensure excellence in our delivery of services. CleanNet integrates quality service with documented metrics and provides feedback to you, suppliers, subcontractors, and franchisees to reinforce the value of quality services throughout the CleanNet operation.

When You become a National Client, CleanNet will take care of the rest!

If you have a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request for Information (RFI) for a multi-site regional or national account, CleanNet® would appreciate the opportunity to respond to your formal RFP/RFI.

To contact us directly or to include CleanNet® in your formal proposal process, please call or email:

National Accounts, Toll Free – 800-735-8838

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